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Ahhh it has been a while… Folks, i’ll share with you thought on composition and a black and white photography

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I hope you found my email from last week on ways to improve your listing helpful! I’ve had loads of people write back to me to let me know that they’ve updated and improved their listing with the info in that email. Can you believe Easter is only 2 weeks away, hasn’t this year flown already?

Before our minds start drifting off to festivities and celebration how about taking 20 minutes out of your day to work ON your business (rather than IN your business) for a bit and get organised. I see the lead-up to the holidays as a great time to be as innovative as possible with how we can keep the flow of customers steady into the year ahead. I promise this email will have some awesome info in it for you.

Do you think about the idea of ROI? Do you use it everyday? It’s a powerful idea that can transform your business…

Today I wanted to talk to you briefly on the idea of ‘return on investment’ or ROI for your business. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term – to recap, it basically means looking at what you get back when you invest money into something. In the case of your business, you should be hyper-aware of the return on investment for each of the marketing dollars that you spend. Read More→

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